International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation 2015
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* The IMETI2016 conference will be held at Fullon Hotel, Lihpaoland in Taichung. There are a theme park, a waterpark, and a special hotel in Lihpaoland. If you would like to know more information about Lihpaoland, please refer to these links below and enjoy those beautiful photos!

Venue/ Lihpaoland (Official site)

The birth of Lihpaoland (before called: Yamay Recreation World) --- Taiwan's first BOT case With the beginning of the Six-Year National Development Plan, Average number of trips per person was increased. Taiwan Sugar Corporation (TSC) and Taiwan Tourism Bureau have together completed the feasibility study report for large recreation area development. We selected TSC Yamay Sugar Factory Field about 200 hectares for the development base in Houli Township, Taichung County. We expect to build a multifunctional recreation area and offer Taiwan people the fullest leisure recreation area. Aim of Lihpaoland (before called: Yamay Recreation World) is to be the first sentinel vacation center with theme entertainment in Taiwan. We can administer an unprecedented resort to Taiwan people with a number of government measures and the best team.
Expecting to create a leisure resort with the international standards, we also want to integrate education, shopping, entertainment and leisure function. We want to offer a variety of recreation activities for various tourists, and build a healthy leisure environment with family travel trends. We will plan to develop well-known stores, goods and shows, so Lihpaoland (before called: Yamay Recreation World) combines application of technology and culture with recreation. We want to make Lihpaoland (before called: Yamay Recreation World) an entertain-education resort. 2012 , Yamay Recreation World change the name , called Lihpaoland , on the same year , the Fullon Hotel Yamay Grand open.

Source of the materials: Lihpaoland