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Venue/ Attraction (play in the water)

The Mala Bay Waterpark has been voted the most popular waterpark in Taiwan. Of all the rides in the waterpark, the outdoor Big Tsunami with artificial waves is the most popular. Whether experiencing the 2.4-meter high super fierce waves or floating peacefully in the diamond waves, both are great ways to stay cool during the hot summer.
Big Wave
The Big Wave, each 110 meters in width and length, was build by using the world's most advanced technologies. When you hear the sound of a distant whistle, the 2.4-meter-heigh wave generated by and artificial wave-generating machine could bring you the excitement of surfing. You can also walk on the white, sandy beach and experience the atmosphere romantic and exotic.
IPS, interactive play space
IPS, has various aqua-friendly facilities which could be controlled by the players, such as seesaws, sprinkler pipes, mushroom chairs, and the waterworks. You can ride a double rubber ring with your honey or child to sliding down through the Rainbow Curve, or shooting each other with a water machine gun. A huge A-Chu bucket full of water delivers an extraordinary waterfall, and let you soak in the wildest water game.
Aumuhu is a high-speed waterslide and the popular facility that can let you feel your fast heartbeat. These nine-floor slides include Stall Speed Slide, Ladder Slide, Shuttle Slide and Rainbow Slide for you to choose. You have got to the earth before your screams are still in the air. The players who want to challenge the limits of courage come to find exciting way. The waterslides are for guests, and a swimming ring is not needed.
Lazy River
Being love, mysterious and romantic, this 270 meter long river has beautiful fountains, a jumping falls, and is mostly surrounded by beautiful trees and green grass. You can relax like a floating jellyfish by a comfortable pose. Lazy River is a wonderful place for the couples falling in love. They will feel the romantic atmosphere in the old civilization mystery of Mala Bay. All swim rings are available free of charge. You can borrow them with no time limits but need to retune them after usage.

Source of the materials: Lihpaoland