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Venue/ Attraction (play on the land)

Lihpao Land is a theme park located in Houli District, Taichung, Taiwan. It is separated into 3 themed areas with varied rides, including POPA Kingdom, Magic Forest, and Exciting Paradise, such as the Mine Express roller coaster, the Hook (a pirate ship ride), and the Wild Flume Adventure, a reversing log flume attraction. It currently has two roller coasters, including Gravity Max, the world's first coaster to feature a true 90-degree drop and the world's only tilt coaster. Besides, Discovery World has prepared themed show for visitors. These rides allow you to experience all the sharp turns, drops, and excitement you desire.

The Hook
The corsair sails in the heavy weather and swing 80 degree into the air. Let you have an unheard-of excitement. You are like jumping frequently between the waves and challenge weightless experience. Welcome to ride together, shout and scream together. It is cool to scare other customers who watch aside.
World in the circle
No Matter how old you are, you can have a childish memory . You can see the scenery of the whole Discovery World from the top. you can see the beautiful scene at sunset. You can see the beautiful scene and romance with your lover in romantic small cabin. It is a good idea for having good results in assignation.
Gravity Max
The off-track roller coaster is the only one in the world. The height of roller coaster is 35m from the ground surface and the depth is 4m from the ground surface, so the total length is 39m. It consists of two-half continuous loops. you can experience a force of 4G(g-force). The most speed can achieve 2 kilometers per minute. The insufferable rotation and dive of the roller coaster, especially the "free Fall" with speedy vertical landing from the amazing height, will challenge you.
Rhythm Warehouse Show
Do you try to watch the show at the semi-outdoor theater? When the glory sunshine and romantic starlight sift from the sky, the music and dance, rhythm and movement make all the powerful energy to let you dance uncontrollably.
Childrens Theater Show
The theater is a popular place for kids. There are unique performances including the special and magic modeling, black light effects, and interactive play games in that Theater. The attractive plays meet the desire of listening and watching stories for adults and children. This theater really has a fascination for people.
Teen Stunt Show
This is a place full of laughers and with dramatically special effects or tricks. The audiences will feel shock with realistic on-the-spot fighting, but they can still laugh constantly.

Source of the materials: Lihpaoland