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Chiayi City, formerly known as Zhu Luo, is a city with over 300 years of history. It's rich in legendary tales and combines cultural, historical, and natural attractions, showcasing a new charm for leisure and recreation. Positioned at the heart of the Chiayi region, historical records indicate Chinese settlement in the area dating back to 1624, even before Dutch colonization. This demonstrates Chiayi's early role in Taiwan's development, particularly in the Chianan Plain, making it a city with significant historical roots.


Located in the northern part of the Chianan Plain in southwestern Taiwan, except for a portion in the eastern part which belongs to the Jhuqi Hills, the rest is a fertile plain. The terrain gradually slopes from east to west, with flat and vast expanses.


In central-southern Taiwan, Chiayi experiences a subtropical monsoon climate with distinct seasons. Summers are hot and rainy, while winters are relatively warm. Spring offers pleasant weather for flower viewing, and autumn is ideal for enjoying the fall foliage.

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