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Taiwan's second largest city, it has a highly developed industrial and commercial base, thriving cultural scene, friendly people, and beautiful scenery, all of which contribute to its status as an international-class city. Centrally located in the western half of Taiwan, Taichung welcomes visitors with a pleasant climate throughout the year. The city first rose as a major political, economic, transportation, and cultural hub during the Japanese occupation period, due highway, railway and shipping port development during that time.

Taichung is endowed with a rich history and beautiful natural scenery. It also offers well-priced culinary delights, assorted shopping areas and arts performances, making it well worth a visit.


Taichung City is located in the Taichung Basin along the main western coastal plain that stretches along the west coast from northern Taiwan almost to the southern tip. The Central Mountain Range lies just to the east of the city. Rolling hills run to the north leading to Miaoli County, while flat coastal plains dominate the landscape to the south leading to Changhua County and the Taiwan Strait to the west.


Taichung has a warm humid subtropical climate, with an average annual temperature of 23.3 °C (73.9 °F). The highest temperature of the year occurs in July and August, while the lowest temperature occurs in January and February; Taichung City is one of the few cities of Taiwan where the year round average daily low temperature falls below 20 °C.

Due to the protection provided by the Central Mountain Range to the east and the Miaoli hills to the north, Taichung is rarely severely affected by typhoons.

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