Conference Tourism

   * There are only 40 reserved participants until full.
   * Lunch on own
   * We only provide the free trip for an author. If the other authors/accompanying person wants to participate, they would need to pay
      the additional fee NTD 450 / USD 15.
   * Please email to IMETI if you want to reserve the seats. ( and

   Nov. 15 Half day Trip

    12:20                       Departure from E-Da Royal Hotel     
    12:30 ~ 13:10    Head for National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)
    13:30 ~ 14:30    Weiwuying guided tour
    14:30 ~ 16:20    Visit freely
    16:20 ~ 17:00    Back to E-Da Royal Hotel

About tourist attraction in Kaohsiung, please refer to the Kaohsiung Travel Online(website).

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)

Located next to the Weiwuying Metropolitan Park in Fengshan District, the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) sits on a 9.9 hectare lot and occupies a floor area of 3.3 hectares.Inspired by the beauty of the local banyan trees and their iconic canopies of leaves, architect Francine Houben's design is an undulating structure composed of a unique skin that can withstand the humidity and salinity in Kaohsiung – a port city – thanks to a collaborative effort with the city's shipbuilders, and a roof under which generous free spaces can flow. In consideration of southern Taiwan's tropical climate and people's love for outdoor night activities, the Center has a fence-free plaza on the grounds that is accessible 24 hours a day for strolling, relaxing and much more, creating a breezy and welcoming space in which theater and music become part of everyday life. The Center opened on October 13th 2018 and is now operating all-year round , developing and bringing local as well as international talents to southern Taiwan.

Source of the materials from National Performing Arts Center

The culture and study tour schedule

The conference provides two culture and study tour plans for you. If you want to attend the tour you will be charged.