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Taoyuan, located in northwestern Taiwan, is the first city you fly into. It is by the south of New Taipei City and by the north of Hsinchu County. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the major airport in Taiwan, is at Dayuan District in Taoyuan City. Xiao Wulai, Daxi Old Street and Cihu are the most popular sight-seeing spots.

The cultural diversity of Taoyuan is paralleled by an equal abundance of natural attractions, earning the county the nicknames of the "flower kingdom" and "land of a thousand ponds."

Taoyuan also has developed other distinctive attractions, such as the county's Hakka culture, military communities, rustic areas, trails, bikeways, and local industries, hoping to attract more visitors to discover the story of Taoyuan.


Taoyuan is located approximately 40 km (25 mi) southwest of Taipei, in northern Taiwan, and occupies 1,220 km2 (470 sq mi). It is made up of low-lying plains, interconnected mountains and plateaus. Its shape has a long and narrow southeast-to-northwest trend, with the southeast in the Xueshan Range and the far end on the shores of the Taiwan Strait. There are many irrigation ponds at Taoyuan Plateau, which caused Taoyuan to earn the nickname "Thousand-pond Township".


The average temperature of Taoyuan is warm all year around, with bigger changes in the spring and the winter. The average temperature is 22 Celsius and the coldest is 12-17 Celsius. The spring and the fall is the best seasons to visit while the summer and the winter provide their unique charms. Therefore, Taoyuan is perfect to visit anytime.

Source of the materials from Taoyuan Travel and Taiwan-The Heart Of Asia
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