Paper Awards

Congratulations to the ICATI2024 Best Paper Awards winners!
Manuscript no.: CF2411
Paper title: Using Webpage Comparison Method for Automated Web Application Testing
with Reinforcement Learning

Authors: Ci-Feng Lai, Chien-Hung Liu, Shingchern D. You

Manuscript no.: SCA2414
Paper title: Information Security Protection System for Networked OT Environments of
Industrial Control in Smart Manufacturing

Authors: Pin-Kuan Chiang, Shang-Liang Chen, Je-Chiao Ku

Manuscript no.: CF2416
Paper title: Reversible Data Hiding Technique Based on Block Rotation Applied to Base64 Images
Authors: Sian-Hao Weng, Yu-Chih Huang, Ming-Yu Kuo, Wen-Chung Kuo

Manuscript no.: CJ2417
Paper title: The Systematic Design of Auxiliary Standing Toilet Chair
Authors: Long-Chang Hsieh, Tzu-Hsia Chen, Po-Cheng Lai

Congratulations to the ICATI2024 Honorable Mentions winners!
Manuscript no.: CO2413
Paper title: On the Study of Feasibility of Auxiliary Power System for Multi-Rotor UAV
Authors: Yung-Lan Yeh, Hui-Pei Chang, Ya-Sheng Lin

Manuscript no.: CO2420
Paper title: On the Study of Fire Unusual Event Under Industrial Manufacture
Authors: Hui-Pei Chang, Yung-Lan Yeh, Chia-Yun Hsu, Guan-Yi Wang

Manuscript no.: CO2415
Paper title: Analysis of the Impact for Circular Hole Opened in the Rear Chamber of
Headphones on Acoustic Radiation

Authors: Ssu-Yun Chen, Shu-Chien Wu, Tzu-Hsuan Lei, Kuang-Che Lo, Yu-Cheng Liu

Manuscript no.: CF2428
Paper title: AI Risk Assessment Using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
Based on AI Incident Database

Authors: Yunarso Anang, Lya Hulliyyatus Suadaa, Lutfi Rahmatuti Maghfiroh, Nori Wilantika,
Masakazu Takahashi, Yoshimichi Watanabe

Congratulations to the ICATI2024 Nomination Awards winners!
Manuscript no.: CF2425
Paper title: Comparative Analysis of Facial Expression Recognition: Image-Based vs. Landmark-Based Approaches
Authors: Thanawat Srikaewsiew, Sarunya Kanjanawattana

Manuscript no.: CL2412
Paper title: Effects of Air Flow Field Control in Dormitories of Senior Care Facilities on Bioaerosol Diffusion
Authors: Chih-Hong Huang, I-Hsuan Chiang, Ching-Hsun Wang, Shih-Han Chen

The session will have the following awards, which will be announced and bestowed at the conference.

  • Best Paper Awards
  • Honorable Mentions
  • Nomination Awards

The authors of an awarded paper will be entitled to:

  • A signed and stamped official award certificate;
  • The announcement of their achievement on a special conference webpage;
  • A discount of 50% registration fee for Best Paper Awards (no valid for Honorable Mention Award and Nomination Awards) in the next ICATI conference, valid during a 12 months period and for the authors of the awarded paper only.

Obligation of the award nominees/winners

  • They have to submit their papers one month before (before local time in Taiwan on March 02, 2024 at 23:59) the conference starting date.
  • The nominees have to present their papers by oral presentation.
  • The papers that are conferred as Best Paper Awards or Honorable Mention Awards, they must be submitted, before Dec. 31 of the year, to the Special Issue/Section of Paper Awards International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation (ESCI, EI, Scopus indexed) or Advances in Technology Innovation (Scopus indexed), or Proceedings of Engineering and Technology Innovation (Scopus indexed). For Nomination Award papers, they must be submitted to the Special Issue/Section of Paper Awards Proceedings of Engineering and Technology Innovation (Scopus indexed) / Emerging Science Innovation before the same date. An extended and revised version may be required in order to meet the requirements of the journal. Otherwise, the award will be retracted. The submissions to the above journals will be exempted from Article Processing Charge.

Selection Criteria

The awards will be conferred to the author(s) of a paper presented orally at the conference, decided by the award committee. The decision criterion will consider both the paper quality and the oral presentation quality. To enable a final ranking in a timely manner, papers selected as candidates for best paper awards will be exclusively presented in sessions on the first or second days of the conference.

The organizing committee reserves the right of final interpretation of related issues