Conference Tourism

The Urgent Notification for Conference Tour on June 30:
1. Please wear the casual clothes (easy and convenient).
2. Please bring your own swimsuit or you can wear it in advance.

Hong Islands Tour    (From 8:30 to 16:00)

    08:30 pick up
  • Daeng Island (sightseeing and snorkeling)
  • Lading Island or Paradise – (lunch (package), relaxing and swimming)
  • Hong Island (relaxing, swimming and snorkeling)
  • Hong Island’s Lagoon (fantastic lake) (surrounded by mountains)
  • Pakbia Island (relaxing and swimming)
  • Rai Island (sightseeing)
  • 16:00 Return to Ao Nang

The four superb islands of the Koh Hong group can be reached within twenty minutes from Ao Nang by speedboat. Set against the spectacular backdrop of Phang Nga Bay, with its countless rocky outcrops, the islands are rightly considered to be among the most beautiful in Krabi province and some even say Thailand! The main island, Koh Hong is uninhabited, except for the birds, white-faced gibbons and giant monitor lizards that can be often spotted on the main white sand beach.

Its interior is home to a large lagoon (the “chamber” to which its Thai name “Hong” refers). as the diminishing water level makes its color change drastically from a deep emerald green to a clear turquoise; motor boats (either longtail or speedboats) will go around mid-tide. The entrance to the lagoon is through a dramatic cliff passage that should be photographed on your way out.

Koh Lading is another beautiful island with a sheltered cove where there is a birds’ nest collectors’ camp; further north, both Koh Pakbia and Koh Rai have impressive sandbars revealed at low tide.

Tours will include snorkeling stops: the first (or last) at Koh Daeng, a rock island on the way to (or from) Koh Hong, and the second in Lading Bay. Itinerary order varies throughout the month, so the lagoon can be entered before low tide. On Koh Hong, there is a restaurant and basic toilet facilities are also available.